Investor Planner

The Ticker Planner® is a tool designed specifically for investors, traders, money managers, and advisors to help them plan, organize, and maintain a well, thought-out investment strategy.

Over the past 15-years, has interviewed more than 700 professional money managers, in good times and bad. Many have shared their investment philosophies; divulged their risk discipline techniques; and revealed their greatest successes and failures.

It is clear that successful long-term investors share one thing in common: they routinely write down their investment goals, targets, and assumptions; devise strategies to achieve their objectives; and then carefully track the unfolding economic landscape. Investing without a well-defined plan often leads to misguided emotional decisions, unrealistic expectations, and unwarranted risk taking. has developed a tool that integrates the methodology used by most successful money managers, along with a global financial calendar, a customized data tracker, and a historical information resource.

The Ticker Planner® is organized into four parts:

  • Planner
    • Create an investment plan based on specific expectations
    • Set goals and define alternative risk scenarios
  • Calendar
    • Monitor economic indicators, corporate earnings, and other releases
    • Organize daily information-flow and maintain a daily journal
  • Tracker
    • Customize trackers focused on strategically important indicators
    • Record earnings, economic, dividend releases
  • Resource Tables and Charts
    • Global and US economic trends
    • Energy market overview
    • Historical market return tables and charts
    • Historical review of mutual funds, ETFs, commodities
    • Interest rates
    • Historical annual earnings for top 500 US companies

Click on the links below for a representative sample of each section of the Ticker Planner®:

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Ticker can also provide economic and earnings data in real time feeds.